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Thread: GateWay experimenting

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    Re: GateWay experimenting

    Still got no response back from anyone running the program behind these lists. It's very disappointing. Without the comments, the votes don't really make a difference anymore. Anyone could click a link and "vote", but for someone to put something nice about your site (even if it's a little criticism), that was more useful than all these spam sites going up and getting 1000s of clickbait votes.

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    Re: GateWay experimenting

    Yeah, I stand by what I said, because it would seem that it's actually easier for sites to cheat. Because the moment the new measures got put in all of a sudden my site got spammed down the list I'm on. I've witness this month me being spammed vote. putting me out of banner range by 1500-1900 votes. Racking up 4000-5000 votes in a single day (probably more) for sites that haven't been active in years. I don't have an official count, but I kind of doubt that there is even a very small percentage of that number in every active site on the list I'm on even if you put them all together (there are 3 active sites on my list). That's not possible if the methods actually worked. In fact I am sure it's just one person. Pretty outrageous. Yes, I am behind your bring back the comments thing (and added it to my ticket), because that also seemed to keep things in check. (worst I witness then was sites (who were at least active) get to 100 votes fairly quickly. That was ok.)

    But yeah...would love to hear from the admin's.
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    Re: GateWay experimenting

    Disgard bad English my partner better, is not here today. I know why changed made to all top list but can not speak freely on deep reason. I know inside workings now. Friend I view on same efed list today to see and am familiar with situation EMF probable brought this on selve probable payments received to client runs shut off you from list from anon benefactor perhaps to show personal lesson. old strategy. Goal was seem to designated order to lower EMF rank disregard who rises random per result. Any enemy you make before? how much is worth to you be elevate up list by identical client run in favor? Our client guaranteed destruct theirs less than 48 hours and retain easy.
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